Although there are a lot of reasons people choose assisted living, the activities available tend to be a major attraction. Seniors can look forward to socializing and enjoying hobbies while knowing they are safe and secure. Assisted Living offer activities that are highly interactive. While most communities hand-tailor their activities to reflect the needs of their residents, here is a little of what to expect from the average activities schedule:

  • Exercise. Aerobics, calisthenics, and exercise are scheduled throughout the day, starting in the mornings. This can include yoga, balance exercises, water aerobics, dance lessons, and much more. Exercise is offered throughout the day, usually after lunch and before bed as well.
  • Entertainment. The options for entertainment vary, depending on the amenities and staff available. Most communities offer a variety of games that change each day, including: board games, cards, bingo, and even video games. Seniors can also gardening, expect crafts, books-on-tape, movie hours, and much more.
  • Socializing. Senior communities feature various events that gather residents together, sometimes from different sections of the community. Neighbors gather in a communal area to share in conversation and snacks. They even have fun themes, such as mocktail hour or casino nights.
  • Personal Services. Seniors often have the opportunity to run errands and take care of personal business. This can include trips to the grocery store, dollar store, and mall as well as barber and beauty services. Some even offer weekly postal service to help seniors mail letters and packages to family and friends.
  • Health Services. Often the activity coordinator uses these times to schedule health checks and consultations to ensure the health of the community overall. This can include meetings with dieticians, physical therapists, counselors, social workers, vaccination days, and more.
  • Special Events. Each month offers something special, whether it be a birthday, holiday, or commemorative event. Holidays tend to bring special activities, such as card making, winter bazaars, gift wrapping, and more. These celebrations can also include special meals and activities, like cookie decoration or pumpkin carving. The staff also involves themselves in fun themed days, like wacky hair day or pajamas day.
  • Community Engagement. Weekends are a time to relax and enjoy unique activities. Volunteers and community groups frequently visit to provide entertainment to the residents. Seniors can enjoy small concerts, plays, comedy routines, and even animal-assisted therapy.
  • News and Events. Assisted Living aims to keep their residents current and up-to-date. Many communities begin the day with a news program and seniors can always choose to watch what they want in their own rooms.
  • Worship Services. Many communities offer various worship services in the mornings or on designated days. Others may feature frequent religious activities, such as a bible group or choir singing. Some facilities also offer transportation to local religious centers.


Assisted living is an ideal senior care option for active and social seniors. Many communities offer multiple activities throughout the day to allow seniors to choose what works for them. Seniors can use assisted living as an opportunity to try new things and meet new people!


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About the Author: Victoria K. Stickley is a copywriter, editor, and senior content manager based in the Dallas area. Her graduate education in counseling and research has helped immensely in her writing as well as the care she provides for her grandparents. She currently provides support and resources to senior care websites as she learns and experiences senior care first-hand.