What is Assisted Living?

Assisted Living is a long-term residential care option for seniors looking for assistance with daily activity. Ideal for seniors with a high degree of independence, assisted living is perfect for seniors looking for extra support and opportunities for socialization. Although assisted living facilities vary from luxury condos to apartment-style buildings, each community is generally designed to provide private living quarters with access to medical, nutritional, social, and recreational services. Unlike other senior care options, assisted living provides staff whenever assistance is needed without offering 24-hour supervision.  Most living quarters are designed as private homes with a private bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area outfitted with emergency call buttons.

Assisted living offers a multitude of choices to make sure you or your loved one has everything they could ever want. The majority of seniors that choose assisted living do so in order to receive assistance with activities of daily living. Some may consider assisted living for the social aspects, while others may be seeking security and peace of mind. Seniors that choose assisted living often need assistance with cleaning, cooking, bathing, medication, and appointments. If you or a loved one are struggling with limited mobility, declining health, neglected finances, poor personal hygiene, or impaired emotional state, assisted living may be the right choice for you.

How to Choose

Choosing the right assisted living community can be a daunting task. In addition to practical considerations, such a location and price, you also have to consider the staff, programs, and reputations. Once you narrow down your options, it is time to plan a visit. Like any other housing arrangement, it is important to see each place personally before committing. Visiting during an activity or mealtime can provide a good picture of everyday life. Make sure to ask questions about the availability of staff, their training, and access to therapeutic or medical services.


Services and Amenities

Assisted living communities vary immensely in terms of the services, amenities, and benefits they offer. Depending on your budget, options range from simple accommodations in small apartments with basic care services to luxury resort-style townhouses with indoor pools, spa services, and golf courses. The most basic facilities offer specialized meals, medication services, and personal care assistance as well as activities and amenities designed to keep seniors content and active. Many facilities are also outfitted with common areas for socializing, such as a dining room, television room, beauty salon, and possibly a library. Seniors also have the choice to bring their own vehicle or take advantage of transportation services available for errands, appointments, and even social outings. Consider your preferences and hobbies while exploring the options. Assisted living communities are designed to be personal and accommodating. Some even allow you to bring pets!

Costs to Consider

According to an interstate analysis of assisted living in the Unites States, the average annual cost of assisted living is $43,539.00 (or $3,628.25 a month) for a one bedroom accommodation and appears to be increasing 1-2% each year.  Although that number may intimidate some, assisted living actually ranges from $730 to $11,250 per month; therefore, shopping for the right facility is extremely important. The overall cost of assisted living depends on the community you choose as well as the size of the accommodations and the level of care needed. Make sure to discuss the fees and additional charges associated with different services while visiting each facility.

Adjusting to Assisted Living

Moving into assisted living is an important lifestyle change but everyone experiences change differently. Although there are endless benefits to assisted living, moving to a new home means taking time for adjustment. These articles provide helpful information for seniors from the moment they begin packing to preparing for the holidays months after moving in.

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