More and more, technology impacts every part of lives. These advances can be seen in the progressive mobility devices that enter the market each day. Regardless of illness or injury, there are endless tools and products to help accommodate your lifestyle. Seniors and Health actively searches current mobility products to provide current information for seniors. Here are a few phenomenal products that we recommend to you:


Traditional Mobility Aides

Generally speaking, a mobility aid can be any product that’s designed to improve movement and accommodate impairment. For the most part, mobility products help people transport themselves effective and comfortably, whether it be a cane, walker, scooter, or wheelchair.  Although many mobility aid companies offer advanced versions of these options, there are new modifications and additions that have revolutionize conventional mobility assistance.


Wheel Chairs

Wheelchairs are considered the most popular mobility product due to the vast number of options available. In the past 20 years, countless companies have reinvented the wheelchair so to speak. Whether you prefer electric or manual designs, there are new features and control options that can simplify living significantly.


Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are an ideal choice for those looking for an occasional electronic mobility option. Electric scooters have helped seniors reconnect with neighbors, enjoy errands, and traverse their home with ease. Although the scooter may seem like old news, there are plenty of new gadgets and attachments that turn scooters into a luxury.

  • Smart Touch Pads– Small touch screens with applications that can track weather, manage calendars, tell time/date, and connect with your phone for music and more.
  • Travel In-Style- Seniors can enjoy festivals or day-long gatherings with attachable trailers, baskets, coolers, sunshades, and cupholders to ensure you have everything you need.


Walkers and Canes

Walkers and canes are some of the most common mobility aides among seniors. Seniors with minimal disability also  benefit from walkers and canes simply for stability and security. There are a lot of common popular add-ons, including bags, baskets, cup holders, and lights.

Lanzavecchia + Wai has gone above and beyond typical designs. Their collection “No Country for Old Men” includes a number of unique mobility aids with modern living in mind. The T-cane includes attached tea tray, the I-cane featuring a tablet tray, and the U-cane has a large basket in the bottom for magazines, knitting, etc. L + W also designed sitting chairs with frameworks intended to help users get out of their seat, as well as light-up magnifying reading lamps.


Stand and Transfer Assistants

The ability to transfer out of bed or from the couch is one of the most common concerns for caregivers. Regardless of illness or injury, the aches and pain of aging can make it hard to get up. There are a number of products that can used throughout the house:

  • Security Pole Grab Bar is perfect for outfitting your bathroom to prevent slips. Made by Standers, this product is one of dozens of items that can make your home safer. They’ve designed a series of poles, bars, handles, rails, and belts for every room in the house.,
  • Bed Caddie is another Standers product that’s designed to help pull yourself up after lying in bed. Standers’ designs feature strong frameworks, comfortable grips, and multifunctional features that are perfect for at-home living or the.
  • Car Caddie is a series of automobile products that guarantee you can feel safe no matter where you are or where you go. Seniors can install simple pulls, bars, and pads that make travel simple and secure.


Impressive, innovative products arrive each day. These products revolutionize the way seniors age-in-place. They provide security alongside style and convenience while ensuring a sense of safety for seniors and caregivers alike. It’ important to research each product and find legitimate reviews to guarantee reliability. There are endless choices out there for seniors, consider some of these products to help you today.


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 About the Author: Victoria K. Stickley is a copywriter, editor, and senior content manager based in the Dallas area. Her graduate education in counseling and research has helped immensely in her writing as well as the care she provides for her grandparents. She currently provides support and resources to senior care websites as she learns and experiences senior care first-hand.